Shine A Blind

What We Do


Blind Cleaning

The majority of us attempt to clean our blinds by hand or by soaking them in the bathtub.  Anyone who has tried this knows that it is extremely labor intensive, and the finished product never turns out as good as you hope.  Let us make your life easier by taking care of your dirty work!  Our cleaning process involves dipping the blinds in an ultrasonic cleaning tank, so all cleaning projects must be done at our location in Havelock.  Can’t bring your blinds to us?  No problem!  We offer pick-up and delivery as well!  Click the link below to learn more about our cleaning process.

Repair Services

Do not throw away your beautiful blinds, let us save them!! We repair most types of blinds and shades.  If we can find the parts to fix your product, we will fix it.  Some repairs can be done on-site, while others may require pick-up and delivery.  Click the link below to see our comprehensive list of repair services.

Other Services

  • Replace or exchange slats on blinds
  • Replace vertical vanes
  • Replace new cords on exterior bamboo and split-wood-roll-ups for porches and patios
  • Replace pull cords for drapery traverse rods
  • Replace traverse rod glides
  • Resize blinds and shades